The Salvation Army Seeks Groups for Bellringing

The Bangor Salvation Army is asking community-minded groups to consider supporting their neighbors this holiday season by ringing a bell at a Christmas kettle for a day.
Funds raised through the kettle effort support the Army's year-round services to the community, such as the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen, clothing for needy families, food baskets for those who are hungry, fuel assistance, and much more!
Groups can take any form: service clubs; school clubs; church groups; co-workers in an office; student groups; a medical or dental practice; family members; a group of friends; a knitting circle; an auxiliary group; a veterans' group.  The possibilities are endless!
"Bellringing is a fun way for groups to give back to the community," said Captain Tim Clark, Corps Officer of The Salvation Army in Bangor. "It gives group members the opportunity to do something practical, but also allows them to see the overwhelming generosity and Christmas spirit expressed by their neighbors.  At the same time, it is a visible way for the community to see that the group cares for those in need."
Groups decide which day, Tuesday through Saturday, that they would like to help.  The Army's Kettle Coordinator will let them know which stores are available.  The group can then organize their members in shifts throughout the day; working alone or in pairs, or whatever works best for them.
Groups who have helped in the past include service clubs such as Kiwanis, Rotary and Lions, bank employees, school choirs, business associates, firefighters, families, and a range of others.
"During the holiday season, people are looking for opportunities to serve," said Captain Clark. "Ringing the bells is like an investment in the future needs of our community, because the funds raised in December will help a family with heat in January, it will provide a meal for our soup kitchen in March, it will provide a food basket for a family in May, it will help send a child to summer camp in July, it will provide clothing for an individual in September."
For more information or to sign up, contact Kettle Coordinator Sean Larcombe at 941-2990 or e-mail at
To share information about this opportunity with your group, feel free to print the flier below which explains bellringing for a day.