Advisory boards are absolutely essential in the work and acceptance of The Salvation Army in the communities in which they serve.  These boards are no longer simply helpful to The Salvation Army, but are imperative to the work, progress, and life of it.  The wisdom of involving key, influential leaders of the community in the work of the Army is obvious, and has proven itself many times over.

The continuity of The Salvation Army’s work in a community is largely dependent upon the strength of the advisory board.  The Salvation Army needs the wisdom, involvement and support of its advisory organizations.  When consideration is given to the complexity of community needs, changing funding trends, increased government relationships, all complicated by the growing imposition of conflicting moral philosophies, it is critical that The Salvation Army be supported by strong, loyal, and involved advisory boards.



Mark Warner            Triangle Credit Union
MaryAnn Picard      University of Lowell
Glen MacDonald     Nashua Fire Rescue
Dean Shalhoup       Nashua Telegraph
Amber Overko         Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union
Scott MacKnight     Triangle Credit Union
Gail Labrecque        Rivier University
Mariana Espinal      Triangle Credit Union

For Prospective Advisory Board Members

- Do you like to serve your community?
- Do you like to plan and support events?
- Do you want to be a part of a group that makes a difference in the community and around the world?

If so, contact to learn how to be a part of the Advisory Board!


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