Whether it be a local incident or a major disaster, The Salvation Army staff and volunteers are often the first on the scene and the last to depart.

The Salvation Army Disaster Services maintains relationships with other disaster relief organizations to avoid duplication of services and to assist the greater number of people in crisis.

We are available to assist all Federal, State, County, and local responders and will support agencies through training or public awareness efforts.
When called, we are available to respond to minor and major incidents including: fires, natural disasters, search & rescue, airplane crashes and many others.

Services may include:

  • Clothing
  • Counseling (spiritual ministry)
  • Mobile & Congregate feeding
  • Furniture/household items
  • Temporary Lodging
  • Transportation



The Salvation Army volunteers, staff and officers provide critical support to victims and first responders during these times of crisis.  They are trained to meet all kinds of needs by providing food, shelter, clothing, and emotional and spiritual comfort to those affected by the incident.
For more information about joining The Salvation Army’s Nashua EDS Team, please call (603)889-5151.

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