15 April 2020

Volunteers Mandy Garcia (left) and Erin Fitzgerald (right) help to sort food and give direction to the individuals who have still come to The Salvation Army today for food assistance even though the Northeast dropped an April Snow-Maggedon on us throughout the night. 

“With downed trees and power outages across the County on top of the current health concerns, many families and individuals may find themselves in need of food and other supplies over the weekend” said Captain Keith Davis. 

The Salvation Army of Rockland, Maine is operating on a modified Covid-19 schedule providing:

Food Boxes Tues & Thurs 10-1 Fresh Food such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, bread, pastries, deli, etc Wed-Fri 10-1 & Sat 10-12 

All other social service needs are by appointment. 

If you have any questions or to inquire about how you can make a local donation please don’t hesitate to call 207-594-5326. We are all in this together, and The Salvation Army is here to help!