23 July 2020

Rhianna Kendrick has been a service unit volunteer for Brattleboro, Vermont for the past 5 1/2 years.  She uses Salvation Army funds to support basic needs, such as shoes vouchers to a local store or help with electric bills.  The Salvation Army is grateful to Rhianna for helping us help others in her community.

She has worked at Groundworks for 5.5 years and before that she was on the board for two years.  Originally she started at the Brattleboro Area Drop-In Center as the Assistant Director  before they merged to become Groundworks Collaborative a few months later. Eventually she became the Director of Operations, overseeing the majority of Groundworks programs, staff and clients.

She started working in early education as far back as when she was in high school.  Early on she worked as a teaching assistant in Head Start classrooms and developed a love for supporting families, often providing respite care for a number of children.  

In 2015 her niece came to live with her as an infant, changing the course of her career, as she was working in hotel management at the time.  When her niece returned to live with her mom, Rhianna decided to return to school, finishing up an associate’s degree before completing a bachelor's degree in psychology and business.  “Now I am finishing up my Master of Social Work.  My passion to support vulnerable populations and create widespread system change is what keeps me motivated”, expressed Rhianna.