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Champions For Kids

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Beach Boys ‘Sail On’

‘God Only Knows What I’d Be Without You’

Please join us for the eighth annual ‘Champions for Kids’ Benefit Evening at the Westin Portland Harborview on Friday, April 27, 2018, featuring the Beach Boys tribute band Sail On.

As you read this, there are virtually thousands of children in the Greater Portland area that go to bed each night hungry, cold and presently with an uncertain future.  Their families are caught up in a cycle of poverty that is hard to break without help.

Thank God for The Salvation Army!  Not only is the Army providing these children and their families the essentials of life such as clothing and food, but the Army is also providing programs and services to help these children and their families break the cycle of poverty by teaching them essential life and job skills necessary to acquire an education, employment and a better future.

Last year alone, we provided 14,946 meals for 2,955 people.  We sent more than 90 children to Camp Sebago for a week, and provided 85 children with clothing, backpacks, and school supplies in September.  A total of 940 people attended 51 ‘Tools for Life’ classes and 3,057 attended 95 sessions of the English as a Second Language Classes. And this is only a small part of what we do throughout the year.

The Salvation Army couldn’t do all it does to help others without your ongoing support.  We hope you will be interested in supporting this unique and enjoyable event being hosted by the Portland Corps on Friday, April 27th.  The event will begin at 6:30PM with a ‘Meet and Greet’ Reception featuring a buffet of food and beverages, followed by cabaret style seating for the engaging performance of Sail On.

Each year, the ‘Champions for Kids’ fund-raising goal is $100,000.  The event raises much needed funds to sustain and grow services which make a positive impact on children and families in our Greater Portland community.  We are dedicated to meeting the growing needs throughout Greater Portland, especially in these challenging times.

For more information, please contact The Greater Portland Salvation Army  at (207) 774-4172, or Event Organizer Valerie Paavonpera at valerie@vprmm.com.

Please come on board this year and be a true champion for kids in our community.