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The Well

Our Ministries:

Outreach: Our outreach ministry meets people where they are with human connection, relationship, and love.  Once a week we go out and talk to the women on the streets, offer them a small gift bag, and express friendship and God’s love to them.  We are the only local ministry currently conducting street outreach to sex trafficking victims.

Day Center:  Our day center is open to all women who have been or are currently being sex trafficked or sexually exploited.  Once a week we have snacks and coffee, we fellowship together and share about our week, and we have some sort of activity or educational time.  We also offer some social services to the women who attend our day center, as they have need.

Annual Freedom 5K:
Our annual Freedom 5K is held every year at the end of July, and is our major fundraiser for The Well.  To participate, volunteer, or simply more about the Freedom 5K, visit:  Facebook.com/TheSalvationArmyFreedom5K

For The Salvation Army’s full position statement on human trafficking, visit:

The Salvation Army is deeply committed to fighting human trafficking however it may be manifested. We seek to exercise care in restoring the freedom and dignity of those affected.

Through The Well, The Salvation Army is seeking to meet the social, physical, and spiritual needs of survivors of sex trafficking in Portland, Maine and beyond.

Does Sex Trafficking
Happen Here?

Yes, unfortunately.  Through our outreach, we are constantly meeting women from Maine who have been exploited in Maine.  Sex trafficking occurs in every country in the world and all fifty states in the United States.  No place is immune to human trafficking, not even Maine.

Our Partners in Ministry:

We partner closely with survivor-leader dee Clarke, and her organization, Survivor Speak USA (www.survivorspeakusa.org).

We also work together with many others in the community who are fighting sex trafficking, including Preble Street, Not Here, Potluck with a Purpose, Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine, Hope Rising, Restoration Ink, Just Love, and many other local organizations, churches, and individuals.