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The Salvation Army Program Needs

Adult Rehabilitation Center
• Boxers
• Socks
• Soap
• Razor

English as a Second Language
• 1 inch 3 ring binders
• Notebooks or filler paper
• Pens
• Pencils
• French to English dictionarie

Social Services
• Men's winter Gloves
• Men's Knit Hats

• Spaghetti Sauce (we have lots of pasta but need sauce)
• Canned Fruit/ Applesauce
• Rice

Tools for Life
• Lined notebook paper
• Notebooks
• Appointment books
• Pens
• Thank you cards
• Sugar, powdered creamer and coffee for TFL classes
• Study bags to carry books and gear since most TFL participants don't have cars
• Bus passes so participants can get out to the Career Center to look for jobs (round trip tickets are $3 each and a multi ride ticket can be purchased at the Metro station on Elm Street).
• Scarves and gloves
• $5 or $10 Dunkin Donut , Hannaford, Trader Joe grocery cards